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CCIE Security Advanced Technologies DVD

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Are you having trouble finding the time to take a week or more off work to attend a training class? Are you looking for the same type of high quality training found in a live classroom environment, but on YOUR time schedule instead? With Internetwork Expert's CCIE Security Advanced Technologies Class-on-Demand series, you'll always be able to find the time, because the training will be available to you in a recorded format 24 hours a day 7 days a week.


Internetwork Expert's CCIE Security Advanced Technologies DVD Class-on-Demand series is a self-paced version of our CCIE Security Advanced Technologies Class Online (IEATC-SC-ONL). The Class-on-Demand series offers our two-week lecture class in a convenient recorded video format which allows you to learn the highly complex CCIE technologies on a schedule that works for you!

This series uses a hands-on lecture approach designed to provide you with a CCIE-level understanding of the technologies covered in Cisco Systems’ CCIE Security Lab Exam. It contains more than 8 hours per day of highly advanced instruction on cutting edge CCIE-level technologies, totaling more than 80 hours worth of content. Furthermore, since the series is offered in subscription format, you will automatically receive updates at no charge online as our class curriculum changes with the progression of the CCIE Lab.

The DVD's are designed to run on a computer meeting the following requirements, and are not compatible with standard home-theater DVD players. This means you must watch the videos on your computer; they will not play on a television.

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