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CCIE Lab Kits & CCIE Lab Suggestions

Cisco CCIE Lab Kits!

Yes, CertificationKits can supply you with all the equipment you need to build your very own Cisco CCIE home lab. Why spend $15,000(after course costs, airfare, hotel and other expenses) on a twelve day Cisco CCIE bootcamp that you will walk away with only a lab workbook and a stack of notes? Wouldn't it make more sense for you to own your own Cisco routers and Cisco switches in your home lab that you can practice with at your leisure for as long as you like with no interruptions? Sure you may be thinking, but I won't be have access to the CCIE lectures or other materials. Well, yes you will and CertificationKits has your Cisco lab solution for you and it will be cheaper than attending a CCIE bootcamp in person and you will own your equipment! How cool is that? We are going to change the way you approach your CCIE training while saving you thousands of your hard earned dollars!

ccie lab

Cost Effective CCIE Lab Solutions!

This is an especially great solution for companies who want to train their staff to obtain their Cisco CCIE certifications but can't afford to have their top network engineers off-site for two weeks at a time. Additionally, the cost savings of purchasing the kit one time which can be used for multiple employees is tremendous! Instead of looking at $60,000 to get four employees certified, what if you could tell your boss you could setup a lab with all the exact same lectures, lab work books, equipment and resources for about $3,000! That averages out to $750 per employee for CCIE training! Where can you get hands-on CCIE training for that cheap?

We are going to interrupt this portion of the article just to let you know that after you read this article, a must read is our

How to Become a CCIE


article which covers every aspect of what to expect in your journey to become a CCIE. But now back to how to build the CCIE lab which is a critical component of becoming a Cisco CCIE.

We are proud to offer many different options to fit your budget in building your Cisco CCIE lab. We can offer you all the Cisco routers and Cisco switches to build the exact same topology you would practice on in a CCIE bootcamp. Not only that, but it gets better! We can offer you the same exact lab workbooks you use in the CCIE bootcamps. There are the same CCIE lab workbooks provided by the world famous Internetwork Expert. We have the lab workbooks covering the CCIE Routing and Switching program, the CCIE Security program, the CCIE Voice program and the CCIE Service Provider program.

Now your thinking that is great. You can provide the same exact CCIE equipment topology as the Internetwork Expert bootcamp. You can provide the same exact lab workbooks as the Internetwork Expert bootcamp. But how am I to self study this? I really learn best by lectures and seeing and instructor white board the CCIE materials. No problem! We can also offer to you the exact Internetwork Expert CCIE training you would receive if you were at their location.

We have three different formats that you can select to receive your CCIE training.
CCIE Live Online Class -With this option you not only get to participate in the class live and online, but you also be able to watch a recorded version of the very class you participated in with any recording updates. This is better than being there as you can be there again and again and again at your convenience. Also, just to be clear, you will be able to actually participate in the class and interact and ask questions of the instructor. It does not get any better than this!

CCIE Online Class - With this option, you will be able to view online the same 80+ hours of CCIE training as if you attended the course on-site. But for those of you who can't participate in the class for two weeks straight, well this is the option for you as you control the pace of the class. You have total control over how quickly or slowly your complete your CCIE training. All you need is an Internet connection, Adobe Flash Player installed and you are ready to view your CCIE training. You will also be provided with all the course slides for download too. You can watch your CCIE training once, watch it twice. You can pause the class recording to take care of the trash for your wife or better yet to catch the football game. It is in your hands! You can't get much more convenient than this. Also you will have the option for just $200 more to get a copy of the course on DVDs to make it even easier for you to watch and review the course lectures.

CCIE DVD Edition - As you would expect, the CCIE DVD edition provides you the same exact 80+ hours of CCIE training as if you attended the course on-site, via the Live Online option or the recorded Online class. This gives you the added convenience of being available on a set of DVDs. This is great for the frequent traveler who is jet-setting all over the country making the big dollars installing complex Cisco infrastructures. Not only do you get the DVDs, but you will also get free access to the CCIE Online version so if you forget them at home you can still view the training online! As with the other classes, you will also receive a copy of all the slides presented during the training.

With all of the above CCIE training options, you will receive unlimited free updates to the product for as long as you need them!

CCIE Home Lab Kits

Now let's talk a little bit about your CCIE home lab setup. We have partnered with Internetwork Expert to provide you with two choices of the hardware to replicate their exact Cisco equipment topology. So we are sure we will have a package that will fit your budget. As with most things in life, the more expensive the kit, the more features you will be able to exercise in your lab. The really cool thing about these kits is they are applicable to all of their CCIE training lab workbooks. So you don't have to buy additional Cisco routers or Cisco switches to utilize some of their other lab workbooks. Below we will discuss a little about our CCIE lab kit.

CCIE Platinum Lab Kit - This kit is the absolute exact topology that you would use if you attended the Internetwork Expert CCIE class onsite. You will be able to do every lab that is in the lab workbook and experience every feature. This is the kit you really want with no compromises! Additionally keep in mind it is YOUR kit to keep and play with for as long as your heart desires! Although you will be the envy of all your networking friends and probably get quite a few new friends after you purchase this kit!

Here is the LAN layout of the INE CCIE lab.

INE CCIE Lab Topology

Here is the WAN layout of the INE CCIE lab.

INE WAN CCIE Lab Topology

Cisco's CCIE blueprint still focuses on IOS 12.4 running Advanced IP Services. This does not mean that every router in the CCIE lab has to run 12.4. This is evident with the inclusion of some Cisco 2501 and 2522 routers. There is no reason to spend more money on these edge or backbone switch routers than you have to in order to complete the lab exercises. These are used primarily to inject routes into your environment so you can do the real dirty work on the 1841 and 2610XM routers.

From a switching perspective in your CCIE lab, it is quite simple with two 3560 switches running 12.2 Advanced IP services and two 3550 switches running 12.2 IP Services. And don't forget the ton of Ethernet patch and Ethernet crossover cables that we include in our kit to cable this up. Much of what you can see in the diagram above.

If you have any questions on the setup, please don't hesitate to ask via our Contact Us form!

Author: Bob Bello

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