Extend The Warranties On Your Cisco Routers And Cisco Switches For Optimal Coverage

CertificationKits now offers extended warranties to cover your used Cisco router or Cisco switch that you purchased from CertificationKits. You can extend your warranty from the 1 year (included) to a Lifetime warranty.

Why Purchase A CertificationKits Extended Warranty For Your Used Cisco Router?

A CertificationKits Extended Warranty gives you the peace of mind about your purchase. If your purchase breaks or experiences a failure during normal usage, your Warranty Plan covers the cost of repairing your item. In cases where your item cannot be repaired, you will receive a refund up to the original price you paid for the item.

The CertificationKits Extended Warranty is fully loaded with features that go beyond what the manufacturer’s warranty:

 Length of warranty coverage:
1 year
 Parts & labor
 No deductible or hidden charges
 Protection from power surges


How much does the CertificationKits Extended Warranty plan cost? Not much!!! A Lifetime Warranty is just 10% of the purchase price. An example would be if you purchased a Cisco 1841 Router for $79.99 a lifetime warranty would only cost you an additional $7.99! Now that is definitely worth the piece of mind you will have knowing your items are covered in the event of failure.

Full Details Of Our Extended Warranty Plan For Your Cisco Routers and Cisco Switches

(1) WHAT IS COVERED: In consideration of payment of the contract price, CertificationKits LLC., hereinafter known as CertificationKits, will furnish labor and replacement parts or pay for same necessary to maintain the product specified in this contract in operating condition during the term of this contract, provided such service is necessitated by product failure during normal usage.

  • If the lifetime warranty is purchased, the term of the contract shall last as long as you own the device. Or, if you choose the included 1 year warranty, 1 (one) year from the date of receipt.
  • It shall be at the sole option of CertificationKits whether parts will be replaced as opposed to being repaired. If CertificationKits determines that the product may not be practicably or economically repaired, CertificationKits will provide a refund of up to a maximum of the original purchase price of the product as provided at time of contract sale minus any claims paid and excluding shipping, handling, postage and tax, and the warranty on the product becomes void.
  • Return ground service shipping from CertificationKits service location to your location.
  • The limit of liability under this agreement shall be the original purchase price of the product minus any claims paid.

(2) WHAT IS NOT COVERED: (1) Damage, warping or rusting of any kind to the housing, case or frame of the product or to any non-operating part, including any or all plastic, wood or decorative parts; repair or replacement of parts normally designed to be replaced periodically by the Purchaser during the life of the product; (2) loss or damage resulting from external causes such as but not limited to, damage resulting from a collision with any object, or from fire, flooding, sand, dirt, windstorm, hail, earthquake, an Act of God, or damage from exposure to weather conditions or battery leakage, theft, misuse, abuse, damage resulting from failure of, or improper use of any electrical source, or connection to other products not recommended for interconnection by the manufacturer of the product covered under this contract; (3) loss or damage resulting from the failure to provide manufacturer’s recommended maintenance; (4) consequential damages or delay in rendering service under this contract or loss of use during the period that the product is at the repair center or otherwise awaiting parts; (5) add-on items, accessories, attachments, external wiring and cabling, battery chargers, structural items such as chassis, racks, bins, knobs or handles, appearance items, antennas, jacks, consumables such as but not limited to batteries; damages to computer software and hardware due to but not limited to computer viruses and defective software., (6) products with altered or removed serial numbers; (7) parts failure due to a manufacturer’s recall;

(3) WHAT TO DO IF COVERED PRODUCT REQUIRES SERVICE: Email CertificationKits via the contact information on the CertificationKits website, explain the problem. You then will be provided an RMA number under which you will be responsible to ship the unit to the designated CertificationKits service center. NOTE: Unauthorized repairs may void this contract. CertificationKits reserves the right to inspect the covered product from time to time.

(4) RENEWAL: This contract may be renewable. When a renewal contract is offered by CertificationKits, the contract price quoted will reflect the age of the product and the current service cost at the time of the renewal.

(5) CONTRACT TRANSFER: This contract is not transferable.

(6) CANCELLATION:The Purchaser may not cancel this contract at any time after the purchase of the contract.

(7) ENTIRE CONTRACT:This instrument sets forth the entire contract between the parties and no representation, promise or condition not contained herein shall modify these terms.