On this page you will find over 90 articles to help you prepare for your Cisco CCNA certification exam 200-120. Preparing for the Cisco CCNA 200-120 exam is no easy task. There are many topics you need to understand completely. We have organized for you below these CCNA v2 study topics by category.

Some of these CCNA R&S topics can be learned by memorization such as the Cisco 3 Layer model or how to subnet. But other Cisco CCNA concepts are best understood with actual hands-on CCNA lab work.

We hope you will take your time reviewing these Cisco CCNA v2 study topics. There is tons of information on this page that can help you to pass your Cisco CCNA certification 200-120 exam. So take your time and don’t forget to review our tips on how to prepare and pass the Cisco CCNA exam below!

So you may be asking what are some of the changes to the CCNA v2.0 Routing & Switching 200-120 exam? By clicking the link CCNA v2.0 Exam Update, you will be able to easily review the changes.

Getting Started with your new CCNA v7 Lab!
This article is to help you get started with your newly purchased Cisco CCNA Certification Lab. It covers the different pieces of your lab and how to connect the routers and switches together.
Getting Started with your CCNA Lab!

CCNA Study Labs:
This Cisco Certification lab will give you an idea of what to expect on the certification exam and the type of CCNA labs you will find in our CCNA Lab Workbook. There is no other CCNA R&S book out there anything close to what we have created! This is why we are the premier CCNA R&S 200-301 lab supplier with support second to none! Click on the topology picture to see a PDF of the sample lab.

ccna 200-120 eigrp topology

Click here for sample CCNA EIGRP Lab

60 more Labs in the CCNA Self-Study Lab Workbook

Cisco CCNA Router & Switch Commands and Procedures:
In this section we grouped together many of the common commands and tasks you will need to know inside and out to pass your Cisco CCNA 200-120 exam. You will also find how to resolve some common tricky situations for new CCNA students such as how to get rid of multiple flash partitions.

CCNA Test Topics:
Here we have broken out all the major concepts of the CCNA certification exam. We have grouped them in the same order as you will generally see them in your Cisco CCNA Study Guide.

CCNA Certification Overview
These are four articles on the concepts you will encounter on your Cisco CCNA 200-120 exam and how to best prepare for your Cisco certification exam. Definitely read these to help develop your certification study plan!

TCP/IP Topics
TCP/IP is the foundation of the Cisco CCNA exam! If you do not understand TCP/IP, you will NOT pass the CCNA exam. So this is a section you will want to spend a lot of time in as you build your technical foundation to pass your CCNA exam.

Introduction to Cisco Routers and Switches
Now we are getting somewhere. In this section you will actually get to crack open, look and play with your Cisco router. Isn’t this the whole reason you are taking your CCNA exam? You will understand the components inside, how a router boots and how to configure it as these are all topics you will find on your CCNA exam.

Routing Protocols and More!
Now the meat and potatoes of the CCNA exam! All about routing and how routing protocols work. This is where it gets fun. Some of these articles are long, but they are crucial to your understanding and your ability to pass your CCNA v2.0 certification exam!

Cisco Switch Concepts
Even though the CCNA exam 200-120 primarily focuses on routing, do not ignore switching. Switching is about 20% of the CCNA exam. That can be the difference between passing and failing your CCNA test. So make sure you knwo your CCNA switch concepts inside and out!

Access Lists
Here you will learn the CCNA 200-120 methodology of how to allow and restrict traffic. This can be applied in many different ways and fashions impacting networks, subnets, hosts, protocols, etc. We will definitely see a few examples of access-lists on your CCNA exam.

WAN Protocols and More!
This is definitely a section which causes confusion for some on their CCNA exam. But don’t fret. By having three routers in your Cisco Certification lab, you will be able to see many of these concepts in action so your CCNA will be a breeze!

Cisco Cabling
This section covers the many, many Cisco cables you will find in a Cisco CCNA, CCNP and CCIE certification lab and how they came about as some are for certification lab use only. We also cover Cisco cables that will be used in your production network.

Cisco CCNA 200-301 Cliff Notes

Need to cram last minute for your CCNA exam? We have provided you a handy section here to review all of your major CCNA topics quickly!

We hope you found these Cisco CCNA articles helpful to your endeavor to pass your CCNA certification exam. If you have any suggestions for other CCNA exam topics, please send us your ideas via our Contact Us form as we are always looking to improve the Cisco certification content we provide for our visitors.

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