Welcome to the CertificationKits Cisco CCNP Certification Center. Here you will find tons of resources to help you pass your CCNP exam. You can literally spend days, weeks, months here and it is all FREE for you to enjoy and to assist you in preparing and passing your CCNP certification exam whether you are preparing for the ROUTE, SWITCH or TSHOOT exam.

We highly suggest that you have a full blown Cisco CCNP ROUTE, SWITCH or TSHOOT Study Guide and a CCNP Lab covering ROUTE, SWITCH or TSHOOT at your disposal so you can really learn the concepts to not only pass your Cisco CCNP test, but also have the knowledge to do the job in the real world. So below you will find links for our article on how to build a CCNP Lab in a cost effective manner with all kinds of great Cisco CCNP lab tips.

How to build a CCNP Lab
So now that you know how to build you CCNP lab, we are providing you a free CCNP EXAM Guide at the link below for each the Cisco CCNP ROUTE, CCNP SWITCH and CCNP TSHOOT exams. These awesome CCNP exam guides range from 350 to 500 pages and are the same type of books you would receive at one of our CCNP boot camps!

CCNP Route Study Guide
CCNP Switch Study Guide
CCNP TShoot Study Guide
The next item you will find in our CCNP Certification Center is a compiled list of over 100 Cisco CCNP Theory Articles covering many common questions on CCNP topics and the Cisco CCNP exam. You may ask “How is that different from the CCNP Guide you have a link to above?” Good question. These are three to five page articles on a particular subject whereas the CCNP ROUTE, SWITCH or TSHOOT Study Guides are more chapter based. Both are great resources for you to review.

CCNP Certification Kits & Study Help

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