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Welcome to the CertificationKits R&S 200-125 CCNA Study Center. Here you will find tons of free resources to assist you in passing your CCNA Routing & Switching 200-125 exam. Couple this with one of our Routing & Switching 200-125 Lab Kits and you are assured to pass your R&S certification exam! Everything you need to pass your test is right on this site. We not only give you the dry theory, but we also try to make your CCNA R&S studies fun be creating study games just for you. So try our various CCNA Routing & Switching 200-125 exam prep tools and see what you think. Then if you think these products are helpful, think of how much better the lab workbook and other CCNA Routing & Switching 200-125 materials are that we include in our kits!

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Be ready for your CCNA Exam!

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CCNA Lab Suggestions

Getting Started

Our CCNA R&S 200-125 Lab Suggestions is just that. A very detailed article on pros and cons of different routers and switches and how you can use them in your lab setup. It also highlights some common pitfalls in building your R&S lab and helps you get the most bang for your hard earned buck in building your Routing and Switching 200-125 lab. Once you have your lab, refer to our Getting Started section on how to properly cable the CCNA lab and some of the common mistakes a new candidate may make in setting up their lab.

CCNA Course

CCNA Videos

Our CCNA Course section is a 650 page Study Guide similar to what you would get if you attended a Cisco CCNA one week book camp. This syncs up perfectly with our CCNA CBT DVD training to help give you the same experience as if you were taking a class. All of your topics are covered in this section from the basics of logging into a Cisco router to the confusing topic of Frame-Relay. But we are sure the presentation method used here will benefit you in your studies. Then we also have our CCNA Video section. Here we have videos covering everything from a video on how to identify your Cisco equipment to step by step configuration videos and even theory.

CCNA Topic Articles

CCNA Task Articles

You may ask how are our CCNA Topic Articles and CCNA Task Articles section different than out CCNA Course? The Topic Articles section will just cover a specific topic and go into more detail and also include more diagrams. Our Task Articles cover more how to do certain tasks like password resets and such.


CCNA Games

Next our CCNA Labs section has some of our older retired Labs. If you like these configuration labs, you are going to love what we include in our newly revised 400 page, 60 lab R&S 200-125 Lab Workbook that we sell and provide in our kits. Again, these labs are older, but they are free and that is always the right price! Knowing that studying for your R&S 200-125 exam is somewhat tedious; we decided we would try to break that up by providing you some CCNA Games. We turned various popular game shows into a fun interactive solution for you to study for your test. So give CCNA Jeopardy or CCNA Million Dollar Question or any of our other CCNA Games such as Hangman, CCNA Flash Cards, CCNA Command Line Simulator a chance and see how you do!

CCNA Free Applications

Finally we also have provided to you serious tools to help make your CCNA prep easy. We also include in our Application center the ability for you to download our CertificationKits CCNA TFTP Server so you can practice uploading the IOS to your Cisco router and saving configs to your TFTP Server. Additionally you will also find our Subnet Calculator so you can verify all of your answers as work through the fun Cisco Subnetting questions which is essential for you to know inside and out to pass your CCNA Exam.

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