Welcome to the CertificationKits CCNA Voice Certification Center. Here you will find tons of resources to help you pass your CCNA Voice 640-461 exam. You can literally spend days, weeks, months here and it is all FREE for you to enjoy and to assist you in preparing and passing your CCNA Voice exam on your way to more opportunity and a better job.

We highly suggest that you have a full blown CCNA Voice Study Guide and a CCNA Voice home lab with the right routers and switches in it at your disposal so you can really learn the concepts to not only pass your CCNA Voice exam, but also have the knowledge to do the job in the real world. So below you will find links for our article on how to build a CCNA Voice Lab in a cost effective manner.

*Please note that Cisco is in the process of releasing their new CCNA Collaboration exam, which will replace the CCNA Voice exam. We still recommend all of the CCNA Voice material as the new CCNA Collaboration exam will be two tests, with the first test coveingr many of the same topics, configurations, and material as the CCNA Voice exam does.

CCNA Voice Lab Suggestions

The next items you will find in our CCNA Voice 640-461 Certification Center is a compiled list of over 50 CCNA Voice Theory Articles and within the articles you will find CCNA Voice Labs covering many common CCNA Voice topics on the Security exam. These are roughly five page articles and labs on a particular subject that are a great review to get you up to speed for your CCNA Voice exam.

CCNA Voice Articles & Labs

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