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I must have spent 80 hours doing the labs. The lab workbook is INSANE!!! The commentary with it helps me understand concepts I just did not get reading a regular book. Keep up the good work!
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Certification Kits,
I am very pleased, all equipment powered up, I did check all WIC cards and cables, and everything passed their POSTs. The study guides are the BOMB, started reading them last night before bed.
Mr. Thomas C. Howe

This is great. I REALLY LOVE all the material from your site and the lab work books. You know what YOU GUYS DID? Your LAB book “OVER-TRAINED” me to where that test was EASY!! ALL my configurations were 100% on the exam. I was like…?? Is THAT IT? haha!
Kevin Merrill

Thank you for your tremendous support(and proper lab books!). Look forward to upgrading and doing business in the future.
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I've spent a lot of time on your website and some others that sell Cisco kits. I first want to tell you that your site is BY FAR the most thorough and informative and has stopped me from making several mistakes pertaining to purchasing my first lab.
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I just wanted to let you know I took my ICND2 yesterday and got a 958! :) I thought you might want to know. Man am I really happy.
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Authors from some of the books I’ve read were right, Certificationkits is the best!
Thank you!
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I looked over the work book.. IT'S AMAZING!.. I've never seen such a comprehensive setup.. i shouldn't fail this exam.. then i'm on to the ccnp! ;)
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The lab workbook is great, really helping me with the practical experience side of things. I'll take a look at the links too, your site has been really great for information so far.
Thanks for all your help.
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I am very satisfied with the lab book. It is exactly what I needed because it explains a lot of the basic how to setup/connect the devices for beginners (new to Cisco devices) that appear to be left out in the Cisco books by Wendell Odom.
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Thank you for your support. Your web site is awesome and the kit is helping. I am SO glad I got the rack!
I didn't know much about Cisco equipment and had no clue what to order. Your website helped me choose a kit to get me by CCENT, CCNA, and CCNA Security exams!
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Thank you again,
John Vanderveer

Everything was perfect !!!
I have the 3550 Switch Running two VLANS with Two independent DHCP servers and I have a Trunk up to the 2611xm router on one ethernet port and I have the Internet connection (DHCP from the Internet) on the other ethernet port !!!

Very happy with the purchase and service…(I actually used several of your articles to help me configure the VLANS/Trunk line and Internet interface.
Thank you
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Thanks for the follow-up, the order is perfect!
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I've ordered from a few other people and sadly enuogh they did not go smooth, I either received faulty equipment or the wrong equipment, but you guys do it right!
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I have really enjoyed your Wheel of Fortune style Certification Brain Teasers. They pass the time great on transcontinental flights and get me to review material that can be rather dry. :-) I wondered if you might have a mobile app in the works for CCNP with a similar game play style?In any event thank you for the great iPad app.
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You guys are very professional, and you've been very prompt and helpful answering all of my questions so far, and I am glad I chose you to purchase my kit.
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