Welcome to the CertificationKits CCENT Certification Center. Here you will find tons of resources to help you pass your CCENT ICND1 exam. You can literally spend days, weeks, months here and it is all FREE for you to enjoy and to assist you in preparing and passing your CCENT ICND1 certification exam.

We highly suggest that you have a full blown CCENT Study Guide and a CCNA Lab at your disposal so you can really learn the concepts to not only pass your CCENT test, but also have the knowledge to do the job in the real world. Why do we say you need a CCNA lab? Well there is really no way for you to purchase a lab that will cover only the CCENT topics on the exam. So you will purchase your CCNA lab and just concentrate on the CCENT exam topics to help you pass your exam. So below you will find links for our article on how to build a CCNA Lab in a cost effective manner with all kinds of great CCNA lab tips.

Next our CCENT Course section is a 450 page CCENT Study Guide similar to what you would get if you attended a Cisco CCENT ICND1 one week book camp. All of your CCENT ICND1 topics are covered in this section from the basics of logging into a Cisco router to the confusing topic of subnetting. But we are sure the presentation method used here will benefit you in your CCENT studies. Then we also have our CCNA Video section. Here we have CCNA Videos covering everything from a video on how to identify your Cisco equipment to step by step configuration videos and even theory which will also be uselful to you as remember, CCNET is one half of the CCNA exam.

Know that studying for your CCENT exam is somewhat tedious; we decided we would try to break that up by providing you some CCNA Games. For now, they are only in CCNA format, so they may cover some topics you are not quite familiar with if you are solely focusing on CCENT. But we still think you will find them valuable. We turned various popular game shows into a fun interactive solution for you to study for your certification exam. So give CCNA Jeopardy or CCNA Million Dollar Question or any of our other CCNA Games such as Hangman, CCNA Flash Cards, CCNA Command Line Simulator a chance and see how you do! redirect /ciscokits-free-cisco-certification-practice-exams-a-183.html

Finally we also have provided to you serious tools to help make your CCENT ICND1 prep easy. We also include in our CCNA Application center the ability for you to download our CertificationKits CCNA TFTP Server so you can practice uploading the IOS to your Cisco router and saving configs to your TFTP Server. Additionally you will also find our CCNA Subnet Calculator so you can verify all of your answers as work through the fun Cisco Subnetting questions which is essential for you to know inside and out to pass your CCENT ICND1 Exam.

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