Identifying your Cisco Equipment

Connecting your PC to your Cisco Router or Switch

Exec vs Privileged Exec Router Modes

Using the Help Feature on your Router

Changing the Hostname on your Cisco Router

Setting the MOTD on your Cisco Router

Configuring an IP Address on a Cisco Router

Setting up your TFTP Server

Backing Up Your Config on a Cisco Router

Troubleshooting on a Cisco Router

Understanding the Show Interface Command

How to remove multiple Flash Partitions

What is a Loopback Interface?

Cisco 3 Layer Model

Overview of TCP

Understanding HDLC

Configuring Security Device Manager(SDM)

Configuring Static Routes

Configuring Switch Host Names

Configuring Duplex and Speed

Configuring EIGRP

Installing Security Device Manager(SDM)


Network Time Protocol(NTP)

Configuring OSPF

Configuring Port Security

SDM Interface Setup

Configuring SDM Lockdown

Configuring SDM NAT

Configuring Static MAC Port Security

Configuring Static NAT

Switch Console and Level Passwords

Switch Telnet and SSH Configurations

Configuring Switch User Authentication

Configuring Switch VLAN and Port Assignments

Controlling Telnet Access

What is a VPN?

Cisco IOS Secure Management Features

Configuring PPP Links

Passwords Enable vs Secret