CertificationKits CCNA Subnet Calculator

CertificationKits is pleased to offer to you completely free our own CCNA Subnet Calculator that you can download and use to help you prepare for your Cisco certification exams! Subnetting is one of the key concepts on the Cisco CCNA certification exam. So you need to know it inside and out. This ulitity will help you understand and verify that you know subnetting the Cisco CCNA way!

CCNA Subnet Calculator

Our subnet calculator is not one of the very basic subnet calculators you might find for free. Most subnet calculators that have all the features we have included charge for their subnet calculators. But we are giving it to you for free!

You can download our CCNA Subnet Calculator from the link below while you review it's many features below.

Click to Download CCNA Subnet Calculator

Here are some of the powerful features of the CertificationKits CCNA Subnet Calculator:

  • Classful Subnet Calculator – This can create your subnet results based on many different options such as: subnet mask, mask bits, most bits, number of subnets and hosts per subnet and then it gives you the ability to export all this data and more.
  • Classless Inter-Domain Routing (CIDR) Calculator – includes full support for CIDR. Use of CIDR addresses reduce the size of routing tables and make more IP addresses available within organizations. This CIDR classless subnetting feature is particularly useful for ISPs, colleges, or large corporations with many Class C addresses. Again, we give you the abilit to export this data so you can work with the data to meet your requirements.
  • Subnet Addresses – You can generate a list of addresses for any subnet, which then becomes the working document from which to assign current and future IP addresses.

We are sure you will find this tool quite useful in your CCNA studies. So feel free to tell your friends about our CCNA Subnet Calculator so they too can pass their CCNA exam!