As a way of helping you to achieve your Cisco certification, CertificationKits is pleased to offer to you completely free our own TFTP Server that you can use in your Cisco CCNA, CCNP or CCIE certification lab! In case you do not know, the TFTP Server utility is commonly used to upgrade IOS versions on your Cisco router or Cisco Switch in addition to uploading copies of your configuration files to the TFTP Server to act as a backup in case your router or switch needs to be replaced or is accidentally erased.

Features of the CertificationKits free TFTP Server include:

-Multi-threaded application– this enables you to concurrently upload and download multiple IOS images or multiple configuration files from multiple network devices. This feature helps save you valuable time when managing a complex network infrastructure.

-Security – specify an IP address or range of IP addresses that are authorized to use the TFTP Server.

-Transfers Files Larger than 32MB – This enables transfer of files up to 4GB, which allows you to transfer the latest IOS, firmware versions or configuration files without any issues.

-Runs as a Service – runs as a service to deliver uninterrupted TFTP Server availability for your entire network.

The CertificationKits TFTP Server is just one of the many tools and utilities we provide to you for free to assist you in your Cisco certification studies. Try it free and discover why thousands of Cisco certified network engineers worldwide rely on CertificationKits and our free study tools to help them achieve their certification goals!