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Packet Tracer, GNS3, VIRL, Etc vs a Real CCNA Lab

So virtualization has come a long way...right?  Sure it absolutely has.  But what about in helping you prepare for your Cisco CCNA exam?  Well you have heard the saying that there is nothing like the real thing...right?  Well I have to agree with it for those of you who are preparing for your CCNA exams.

What is the best Cisco CCNA 200-301 Lab Switch?

We get asked quite often what is the best Cisco switch I can get for my CCNA lab.  That can be somewhat of a tricky question as there are a lot of variables that can come into play.  At the surface it seems like an easy, very straightforward question.  But as you dig into it,

CCNA 200-301 Detailed Subnetting Exam Question!

In today’s CCNA blog posting, we are going to look at a pretty complex subnetting question that is pretty typical of what you would see on the CCNA 200-301 exam. What you will see here is a networking topology diagram that Cisco will provide to you on the exam with a base scenario of requirements

CCNA 200-301 Exam Troubleshooting Questions!

In both the new CCNA Cisco Certified Network Associate Routing & Switching 200-301 certifications, there has been a great deal more of emphasis put on the candidate’s ability to be able to properly troubleshoot a network environment.  This actually makes a lot of sense as when you are in the real world, you are really

Distance Learning and The Increased Importance of Home Labs

As we all work together through COVID-19, schools slowly start to reopen and progress is made to get things back to being as close to normal as possible, the classroom environments will unquestionably be adapting as well.  Some institutions are setting distance learning in place until we can all safely come directly back to the

CCENT & CCNA Lab Cables – When to use patch vs crossover cables!

In today’s CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate) 200-120 and CCENT (Cisco Certified Entry Networking Technician) 100-101 blog posting; we are going to follow-up on our last CCNA blog post about cables in a CCNA home lab.  The prior post covered the different types of cables required to connect to your Cisco router or Cisco switch

Cisco CCENT & CCNA Lab Cables Explained!

Today we are going to review some of the common cables you may find in your Cisco Certified Network Associate 200-125 (CCNA) or Cisco  Certified Entry Networking Technician 100-105 (CCENT) home lab so you can connect to your Cisco router or Cisco switch.  Straight-through, crossover, rollover, console, and many more terms can be pretty confusing

What is the best CCENT 100-101 or CCNA 200-120 lab switch?

As students are preparing for their CCENT (Cisco Certified Entry Networking Technician) 100-101 or their CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate) 200-120 exams, a majority of the successful students opt to build their own CCENT/CCNA home lab.  I stress the word successful as there is a reason it is estimated that the Cisco CCNA exam has

What is the Best CCENT & CCNA Lab Router?

We have written before on what is the best CCENT or CCNA lab router and you know what?  To a certain extent it changes over time as better models come down in price and give you a better bang for the buck!  So being that it has been about 8 months since we wrote a

CCENT & CCNA Subnetting Exam Question

Subnetting is definitely one of the things you need to know inside and out to pass your CCENT 100-101 or CCNA 200-120 exam.  You will see pretty straight forward subnetting questions and you will also see scenario based questions that you will need to employ your subnetting skills to determine where the problem resides. A