Don’t have the money to drop $60 on a CCNA 200-120 study guide at the book store?  Looking for a free CCENT or CCNA study guide that you can view from anywhere you have Internet access?  Well you are in luck!  We actually have two options for you!

Both of these CCNA study guides have the new CCNA topics in them such as HRSP, VRRP, GLBP, Syslog, Cisco Licensing, PAgp, LACP, OSPFv3, NetFlow, RSTP, PVSTP and much, much more!

Option number one is very similar to the type of CCNA study guide you would get if you go to one of our boot camps.  It is about 650 pages long and it has a Power Point slide at the top and descriptive text under each slide.  We have this broken out in sections so you can jump to the CCNA topic that most interests you quickly and easily.  But the best way to use the book is to simply read it from beginning to end.  So where can you find it?  Right here!

Option number two is more like a normal CCNA Study Guide that you will find in a bookstore.  It also is about 90% complete and should be done in the next month as we are juggling a few projects right now.  But most of it is there and by the time you get toward the end the material, we will be ready with the last few chapters. You can find the content here.

So take some time and browse our site as we have a lot more than just CCNA lab kits for sale.  We have tons of free CCENT and CCNA study material from books, to free lab scenarios, CCNA games, CCNA questions and CCNA videos. If you have any trouble finding any of the materials, please ask and we are more than happy to provide you with a link to the study material.