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What is an Access Server or Terminal Server in my CCENT / CCNA Lab?

There are a lot of different pieces that are involved in building a CCENT (Cisco Certified Networking Technician) 100-105 or a CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate) 200-125 home lab. You will have routers, switches, serial cards, Ethernet straight-through patch cables, Ethernet crossover cables, serial crossover cables, console cables, usb to serial adapters, rack stands, rack

DIY CCNA Lab Kit Video

Hi, welcome to the Certification Kits presentation on how to build your very own CCENT/ CCNA home lab. A common question we get is, how many routers to I really need in my lab? As you can see on the slide on the screen, one router will give you the ability to run the commands

CCNA Certification: Configuring SSH

Welcome again to our Cisco CCNA preparation series. Today, we would like to present you how you can configure and troubleshoot SSH access on your Cisco router. SSH is a protocol used by network administrators to securely configure the routers from remote locations. Back in the days, telnet was used for this operation. However, telnet

New CCNA 200-120 Practice Exam Simulator!

Here at CertificationKits we are proud to announce we have just released our new Cisco CCNA 200-120 practice exam simulator.  You can download a trial of our CCNA Practice exam here.  We are really happy with the improvements we have been able to incorporate into the new version of this CCNA Test Engine.  As Cisco

CCENT & CCNA Exam Question – Collision & Broadcast Domains

As we venture into today’s Cisco CCENT and CCNA exam scenario based question we will be covering the topic of collision and broadcast domains.  It will be very common for you to see on the CCNA or CCENT exam questions in which you need to identify the number of collision and broadcast domains based upon

Review of CCNA Updates

So if you were one of the people who purchased a CCNA study guide for the 640-802 CCNA exam but never got around to seriously studying and taking the exam, we have some suggestions for you.  First you can use a large portion of your existing CCNA study guide.  You just need to strip out

Packet Tracer vs a Real CCENT or CCNA Lab

So virtualization has come a long way...right?  Sure it absolutely has.  But what about in helping you prepare for your Cisco CCENT or CCNA exam?  Well you have heard the saying that there is nothing like the real thing...right?  Well I have to agree with it for those of you who are preparing for your

CCNA 640-802 Skill: Introduction to Routing

Welcome to the CiscoKits CCNA Blog!  This will be the first in a series of our weekly blogs covering the various topics you will see on your Cisco CCNA 640-802 certification exam.  We encourage you to participate in the blog by adding your own comments and feedback regarding your experiences on preparing for the exam

Sample CCENT & CCNA Exam Scenario Question

With the recent changes to the CCENT and CCNA exams, Cisco wants to really make sure you understand how to administer a network inside and out.  Gone are the days of simply memorizing answers and CCNA brain dumps.  Besides who really wants to cheat their way to a certification and get on the job and

CCENT & CCNA Exam Static Routing Overview

As you prepare for your Cisco CCENT and CCNA exams you will need to understand much more than the basics of how routers work.  But you have to start somewhere so let's look at the CCENT/CCNA topic of Static Routing. Routers learn about remote networks either dynamically using routing protocols or manually using static routes.