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Sample CCENT & CCNA Exam Scenario Question

With the recent changes to the CCENT and CCNA exams, Cisco wants to really make sure you understand how to administer a network inside and out.  Gone are the days of simply memorizing answers and CCNA brain dumps.  Besides who really wants to cheat their way to a certification and get on the job and

Review of CCNA Updates

So if you were one of the people who purchased a CCNA study guide for the 640-802 CCNA exam but never got around to seriously studying and taking the exam, we have some suggestions for you.  First you can use a large portion of your existing CCNA study guide.  You just need to strip out

CCNA Certification: Configuring SSH

Welcome again to our Cisco CCNA preparation series. Today, we would like to present you how you can configure and troubleshoot SSH access on your Cisco router. SSH is a protocol used by network administrators to securely configure the routers from remote locations. Back in the days, telnet was used for this operation. However, telnet

Spanning-tree Protocol – STP Part II

Today we are going to continue our CCNA exam topic of Spanning Tree Protocol.   I hope you find this information helpful.  A quick note for just our blog readers....you get the first scoop on some new CCNA certification material we are creating.  Check out some of our CCNA videos. Let me know what you think

New Cisco CCNP Exam Update Announced!

As you may have heard, Cisco has recently announced that they will be retiring the current CCNP exam and it will be replaced with a new CCNP Routing & Switching exam.  The current exam consists of the ROUTE 642-902, SWITCH 642-813 and TSHOOT 642-813 exams.  You will be able to take these exams until January

Spanning-tree Protocol – STP – Part I

First of all, we would like to welcome you again to a new article from our Cisco CCNA exam preparation series. Today we will study the Spanning-tree Protocol (STP). Spanning-tree Protocol (STP) is a link-layer protocol. STP allows you to add redundant links to your network and maintain a loop-free topology. In your preparation for

CCNA Concept: Routing Information Protocol (RIP)

In this lesson we will introduce you to further more to Dynamic Routing, as this is a core requirement in your preparation for Cisco’s CCNA exam. Routing Information Protocol (RIP) is the first dynamic routing protocol ever invented and it’s important to understand how it works while learning for your CCNA certification. Routing Information Protocol

CCNA Certification: IP Address Components

Welcome to a new lesson about IP addresses. In your preparation for taking the CCNA certification you must know what are the components of an IP address. We previously discussed IP addresses and types of IP addresses. Today we will discuss the components of an IP address. As previously discussed, there are 3 types of

Cisco CCNA Lab Exam Scenario Question 200-120

On the new version of the Cisco Certified Network Administrator (CCNA) Routing and Switching 200-120 exam, Cisco made the exam a lot harder to weed out the paper CCNA associates from the real students who can do hardcore networking!  That is a benefit to those who really take the time to study and learn the

CCENT & CCNA Exam Question – OSPF

As we continue our CCENT & CCNA exam question series, today we are going to try to illustrate a drag and drop type scenario.  This is not the easiest thing to do on a static blog page.  But we will give it a try.  Today's CCENT/CCNA exam topic is OSPF.  We will review the different